Evergreen Real Estate Comparison By Zip Code

As I was putting together charts and statistical data for my website on Evergreen Real Estate, I was reminded of the diversity of price range the exists within the four zip codes that make up the Evergreen area of San Jose, Ca (Silicon Valley).

In the 95148 zip code, median sales price was at $645,000 in May.

In 95121 zip code, medisan sale price of an Evergreen Home there was $634,000.

In 95135 zip code, median sales price of an Evergreen Home was just over $710,000.

In the 95138 zip code, median sale price in this area was just a little over $800k.

The varying differences in the each area basically comes down to schools, location, age of home, and builder or style of home.

You can find the data and see for yourself here: Evergreen Real Estate Median Sales Price