Coffee Chat With Captain Knox of Foothill Division of Evergreen, San Jose, Ca

Today, I made my way to the Evergreen Coffee Company. There was a coffee chat with the Commander of the Foothill Division (which covers Evergreen, the south-east corner of San Jose). Facilitating the chat was Council Member Rose Herrera of District 8 (that’s us, Evergreen).


I got there a little after 9am so I could get a good spot and to order my usual breakfast: steel oats with bananas and nuts (no raisins).

The meeting started right on time.


Below are notes I took on my iPad, statements expressed by the Captain and Council Member:

  • Rose Herrera announced that there will be a Safety Fair on Monday from 6-8pm at Tom Matsumoto School
  • Captain Knox advised to answer your front door, but don’t open it; respond in a different language if you need to, but let them know someone is home. He also said that dogs are good, but not as crime deterrent.
  • Herrera encouraged that we take deeper steps to organize neighborhood watches; get the training, organize with our immediate neighbors, walk the streets, and use the local parks. “When the neighbors are in the neighborhood, the riff-raff and criminals won’t be.”
  • Herrera emphasized the importance of solving the crimes. If the solve rate improves, it will help keep burglars away.
  • Captain Knox stated that we should make Evergreen (District 8) “the worst place for crime! When we own the streets, the criminals don’t!”
  • Note: Noticed the spike in Evergreen and used OT money to work it. Senior officers agreed to help.
  • Announcement: Smart lights will be coming to San Jose. They will turn on and dim with sensors.
  • “Community service people” are people who take reports for accidents, burglaries, etc, but they don’t patrol, prevent, or stop crime. They don’t carry guns, but they have gone through some type of academic training. This leaves crimes to be addressed by the police.
  • Herrera chimed in to advise us to know our neighbors on our streets and re-engage, as there has been a turn over and new families.
  • Captain Knox acknowledged that the response time to burglary is not ideal but he also pointed out that the type of crimes north of here are far more violent. He also stated that before leaving his home, he will step out to his street and look up and down and take mental notes. Nobody knows the neighborhood more than the ones living there.
  • Captain Knox indicated that there is a trend where if access was not available through an open window or sliding glass door, thieves will be bold and kick down front doors. He then discussed “target hardening” our homes – do what we individually feel is best to secure our homes whether that means alarm, security bars, surveillance cameras, dog, etc.
  • Tip: Be proactive. Make a call to the council and SJPD. Look at the suspicious behavior and predict.
  • “Be in your neighborhood, be in the park, be in the streets.”
Evergreen Neighbors in San Jose, Ca

Evergreen Neighbors in San Jose, Ca



I definitely learned a lot from this coffee chat and I really appreciate the time the Captain and CouncilMember Rose Hererra took this morning. I also picked up some handy information for the City of San Jose.




Evergreen Community Coffee Chat – San Jose Police Department

Evergreen Community Coffee Chat With Captain Knox Of San Jose, Ca Police Foothill Division

When: October 17, 2014 (Friday)
Time: 9:30-11am
Where: Evergreen Coffee Company – 4075 Evergreen Village Square, San Jose, CA 95135
Rose Herrera will be having a coffee chat with Captain Mike Knox, Commander of the Foothill Police Division of San Jose, Ca. and you are invited to join in.
This will be a chance to talk about your concerns in the Evergreen community of San Jose, Ca.
Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Coffee Chat - Foothill Police Division Commander, Captain Mike Knox

Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Coffee Chat With Foothill Division Commander, Captain Mike Knox


For more information, you may call Rose Herrera's office: (408) 535-4908.

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