Evergreen Donut abandons location after 20 years!

This Evergreen San Jose donut shop was our go to donut spot ever since I was in the neighborhood back in 1980. I remember biking here the summer of 1986 on my way to summer school at Silver Creek High School.

A couple of weeks ago, they moved….

blogger-image-522767769 (2)

That’s right, they moved two doors down to a bigger location in the same shopping center.


The only thing that has really changed is the size of the store.


The Evergreen San Jose homes right behind the shopping center is a modestly priced neighborhood ranging in the high $600k up to $800k.

These homes will maintain its value as it falls into the fairly new and highly rated Evergreen Valley High School.

For a short time, this Evergreen San Jose neighborhood had its share of distressed homes with short sales and bank owned properties as part of its real estate market make up during the recession.

As fast as it declined in value, the neighborhood is moving to full recovery as the real estate market here in Evergreen San Jose, is now appreciating in true Silicon Valley form, fast.

Best spot for sunset watching in Evergreen, San Jose, Ca

A couple of months ago, I decided to get a new camera and I was in search of great spots for catching the setting sun for us West Coasters.

I ran into a photographer in Santana Row and we struck up conversation (actually, I asked him some of the features on my camera) and then it turns out, his family lives in my neighborhood right here in Evergreen.

So I asked him where some good spots were for photographing sunsets. He tells me that the bridge at the entrance of the Ranch in the Silver Creek community. He also advised me to find the time of the sunset for the day and be sure to be set up at my spot 30 minutes before the sunset and minutes after. That time is prime photo taking opportunity.

I drove my way up to the bridge and my daughter walked over to the bridge with me. As it turns out, this bridge is iconic to the teens here in Evergreen for taking prom photos! And I can see why:


Here are some of captured sunsets:

Evergreen San Jose - spot for watching sunset

Evergreen San Jose - sunsetting on Silicon Valley