95138 – Public Schools

Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Public Elementary Schools in zip code 95138

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95138 Elementary Public Schools in Evergreen
Name Of School
Silver Oak
Address5000 Fransworth DR San Jose CA, 95138
Major Cross StreetsSan Fellipe & Silver Creek Valley RD
Phone Number(408)223-4515
Website Addresshttp://so.schoolloop.com/
Great School Rating (out of 10)10
Community Rating (out of 5)4 stars
API-2012 977
Middle Schools in Evergreen - Public Schools
Name Of School
Quimby Oak
George V. Leyva
Address3190 Quimby RD San Jose CA, 951483276 Cortona DR San Jose CA, 951351865 Monrovia DR San Jose CA, 95122
Major Cross StreetsQuimby & White RoadRuby & CortonaCapital & Silver Creek
Phone Number(408)270-6735(408)270-6900(408)270-4993
Website Addresshttp://quimbyoak.schoolloop.com/http://chaboyams.schoolloop.com/http://leyva.schoolloop.com/
Great School Rating (out of 10)796
Community Rating(out of 5)4 stars4 stars4 stars
API Score 2013891950817
API Score2012 895943812
API Score 2011871944791
High Schools in Evergreen - Public Schools
Name Of School
Silver Creek
William C. Overfelt
Evergreen Valley
Address3434 SilverCreek RD San Jose CA, 951211835 Cunningham Ave San Jose CA, 951223300 Quimby RD San Jose CA, 95148
Major Cross StreetsSilver Creek & E Capitol ExpresswayCunningham & BerumbaQuimby & Ruby
Phone Number(408)347-5600(408)347_5900(408)347-7000
Website Addresshttp://schs.schoolloop.com/http://williamcoverfelt.esuhsd.org/http://evhs.schoolloop.com/
Great School Rating (out of 10)738
Community Rating (out of 5)4 stars4 stars3 stars
API Score 2013793676866
API Score2012 782658861
API Score 2011787661863


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