March 1, 2015 – Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Realty Market Update

Evergreen Realty Market Update Week of March 1, 2015


It definitely looks like the real estate market is on the MOVE.

In Santa Clara County, inventory started at 512 homes actively for sale. Three months later, we are at 981, up 92%! We have practically doubled our inventory in nine weeks! And the trend I am seeing is that over 70% of homes listed for sale in the last month, are getting under contract (accepted offers) in under 30 days. In more recent day, in under 21 days!

Since Super Bowl weekend, 1595 Santa Clara County Real Estate Homes for sale have gone pending, with 1285 of those in under 21 days! That is 80%! That means, most likely, a home seller will be under contract in under 21 days! By Mother’s Day, you can be on your way to your next home if you are thinking about selling!

How does Evergreen compare to this?

88 Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Realty Homes went pending since Super Bowl Weekend. 62 homes received and accepted offers in under 21 days, 71%! Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Real Estate is on pace with Santa Clara County.