Evergreen, San Jose Ca Farmer’s Market

Evergreen Square Farmers’ Market

Written by Marissa Martinez

If you live in Evergreen, you need to stop by the Evergreen Square Farmers’ Market in the southeast corner of San Jose, Ca. Local farmers and businesses set up stands every Wednesday and Sunday morning in the Evergreen Square. The square is in the newer part of Evergreen San Jose Ca Realty. They sell their fresh produce, flowers, kettle popcorn and other food items.

What also usually what happens on Sunday mornings and most mornings, a group of people gather in the square around the fountain and practice tai chi.

Families also come to the Farmers’ Market to browse and take in the community! Teenagers often hang out at the picnic tables playing cards, talking, and sipping milk teas with boba (tapioca balls).

I like to stop by the Farmers’ Market after a Sunday morning jog. I bring a dollar with me to purchase a peach or apple, whatever is in season. The last time I went, last Sunday (January 4, 2015), I was greeted by the Almondipity stand. The owner and his granddaughter generously gave me free samples of their almond butter–it was great! I continued strolling by the stands and bought a fuji apple to munch on. Though it was a bit chilly, many people were still out willing to support the local businesses and get some fresh produce.

Another exciting thing happening in the Evergreen Square is the new library! The Southeast Branch library is in construction now. The library will be a great addition to the community, especially with the new homes around the square here in Evergreen San Jose, Ca.

The Evergreen Square Farmers’ Market is a great gem that the Evergreen community should capitalize on! It is an easy-going way to appreciate our neighborhood and it is also delicious! After your stroll around the stands, you can visit the Evergreen Coffee Company, Yoogul, and Wal-Mart. Even if you don’t live in Evergreen, you should find a way to visit the Farmers’ Market.