Safety Open House Night in Evergreen, San Jose, Ca

Once again, Captain Knox of the Foothill division in Evergreen, San Jose, was fielding questions for the community and this time we were at Tom Matsumoto school. I was a little bit late but the jist of the meeting was similar concerns to what was discussed at the coffee chat on Friday at the Evergreen Coffee Company last friday.


An actual “CSO,” which is a Community Service Officer was present to describe his day working. Some attendees wanted to pinpoint if there was any one common time when thieves hit the streets (morning, afternoon, weekday, etc). As it turns out, it is pretty random. There is a total of 22 CSOs in San Jose, and 6 assigned to the Foothill Division.



Once again, Captain Knox talked about “target hardening,” which basically means: Make my house harder to break into by ways of alarm, cameras, dogs, etc that suits you.

There tables set up for different vendors and city departments. Two in particular that interested me was the anti-graffiti and litter pick up volunteer program (did you know they supply the equipment) and also the organizer for setting up neighborhood watch meetings.



Another interesting vendor was a couple having put together survival kits. Certain kits are authorized/official “Walking Dead” kits from the tv show.