And then there was District 8

District 8 – also known as “Evergreen.” (San Jose, Ca)

Did you know that Evergreen District 8 came into existence in 1978?  It was the year that the City of San Jose put Measure F on the ballot to create 10 districts in the City and of course a Mayor. As a result, the voters accepted Measure F and District 8 was established.

Our first City Council Member for District 8 is still an unknown to me. I believe it might have been Julie Sabestine, but I am not sure. I came to Evergreen in 1979, just as Mayor Janet Gray Hayes was completing her term in office. Then of course we had Mayor Tom McEnrey and then Mayor Susan Hammer.

The Evergreen community has certainly grown with many residential homes, and businesses. It is a good place to raise a family , work, and even retire. The other good thing about Evergreen is the schools have have been built to accommodate our growing population. We have three local high schools, middle schools, plus over a dozen elementary schools. Many of these public schools have been highly ranked and sought after by the community.


Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Map


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