Burglars caught in Evergreen neighborhood!

Evergreen Neighborhood off Ruby Ave and Evergreen Valley High School was the subject of arrests last week!

The Evergreen community had been riddled with home break ins, stolen cars, and burglaries in the last recent months. A couple of weeks ago, almost a dozen hits in one day in Evergreen, southeast portion of San Jose, Ca!

Last week, three were arrested, see the story here:


Also, here is the Captain’s Corner blog for the Foothill Division of the San Jose Police Department.

To report a crime, here are your options:

By Telephone:

Emergencies or Crimes in Progress 911 or (408) 277-8911

General Information and Non-Emergencies: 408-277-8900 or 311

(311 services are not currently available from calls originating on some cellular telephones).


San Jose Police Department has a good online reference and you can visit their site by clicking this link.

Mobile Cel Phone:

They also have mobile applications for your cel phone to send video and images, have online real time dialog with the police department. IPHONE APP here and ANDROID APP here.


An Evergreen Local Park – Montgomery Hill

Evergreen’s Montgomery Hill at Sunset

My high school classmate and friend Ron Aclan, takes a bunch of cool photos around Evergreen as he adventures on his bike. Here are few sunsetting shots over at Montgomery Hill which is located on the back side of Evergreen Valley College.

Evergreen’s Montgomery Hill at Sunset (San Jose, Ca)

Evergreen’s Montgomery Hill at Sunset (San Jose, Ca)

Montgomery Hill is often the scene for cross country meets and everyday running, hiking, and biking fans.

You can find more of Ron’s photos on instragram: http://instagram.com/bikesbeerandgrub

Aren’t these photos amazing? I am pretty sure his camera of choice is an iPhone and plus a GoPro.

And then there was District 8

District 8 – also known as “Evergreen.” (San Jose, Ca)

Did you know that Evergreen District 8 came into existence in 1978?  It was the year that the City of San Jose put Measure F on the ballot to create 10 districts in the City and of course a Mayor. As a result, the voters accepted Measure F and District 8 was established.

Our first City Council Member for District 8 is still an unknown to me. I believe it might have been Julie Sabestine, but I am not sure. I came to Evergreen in 1979, just as Mayor Janet Gray Hayes was completing her term in office. Then of course we had Mayor Tom McEnrey and then Mayor Susan Hammer.

The Evergreen community has certainly grown with many residential homes, and businesses. It is a good place to raise a family , work, and even retire. The other good thing about Evergreen is the schools have have been built to accommodate our growing population. We have three local high schools, middle schools, plus over a dozen elementary schools. Many of these public schools have been highly ranked and sought after by the community.


Evergreen, San Jose, Ca Map

Evergreen Business Owners Meet Up – SUCCESS!

Evergreen Business Owners Assemble at Sonoma Chicken Coop – San Jose, Ca

What a great turnout. Not too big and not too small.

We roughly had 19 in attendance. Pauline Martinez (my mother in law) is the broker of our new real estate company, Aalis Platinum Properties. She has made it her mission to host a quarterly mixer for Evergreen Business Owners so we can start to support each other locally.

Find us here on our meet up or facebook page.

Be sure to support your local business owners and join us next time if you are a local evergreen business owner.

So, who attended:

Photographer (an award winner by the way)

David Burckhard, (sweeperdave@mac.com. 408-529-0397)

Web and graphics designer

Sara’s Venkatram, saras@sv3designs.com 408-888-5775

Life Coach/Speaker

Nadine Watson, Sagacy Coaching, nadine@sagacycoaching.com 408 781-1834

Financial Planners

Elizabeth Castillo – Mortgage Banker – 408-843-8309 – Elizabeth.r.castillo@chase.com

Gina Pacifica, gpacifico@ft.newyorklife.com. 408-849-7487

Kwong S. Chan, Kwong.chan@citi.com 408-223-3327

Neil Boone

Andreas Silva

Network Marketing Business Owners (Legal Shield and Melaleuca)

Marie Lamantia and Allan – Retiring Healthy  408-482-6044

Joseph Lam – Legal Shield – 408-266-6888

Property Manager

Lisa Fairlie – 408-771-8472 – lisa@silvercreekvalleyproperties.com

Evergreen-SJ College Board Trustee

Maria Fuentes – Maria.Fuentes@sjeccd.edu

Insurance brokers

Linda June and David Castillo – Farmer’s Insurance 408-238-2000

Michelle Lin – Red Wave – 408-836-4560 -Mlin.insrance@gmail.com

Carpet Guy

Al Arias – Carpet Works 408-640-1912  alarias@flash.net

Escrow and Title

Jill Varvell – Title and Escrow  – JVarvell@ortc.com – 408-687-5352

HR Staff Coordinator

Monique Krown, Monique.krown@lpl.com 408-384-8660

REALTORS (that’s us!)

Pauline Martinez, 408-316-1226, superpm@sbcglobal.net

Sheryl Martinez, 408-209-7674, sheryl@sherylmartinez.com



Where I like to eat in Evergreen

Where I like to eat in Evergreen

Living in Evergreen (San Jose, CA)  gives me the opportunity to try all different types of foods/cuisine.

It is really exciting to visit these fabulous restaurants where you can pick your favorite desires and taste buds.

Here are my top 5 favorites and a map here in Evergreen:

  • Yuris – 3236 S White Rd, San Jose, CA 95148 – Japanese
  • Golden Buddha -2768 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121 – Chinese
  • Govea’s – 1996 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 – Mexican
  • Pho Tau – 3005 Silver Creek Rd #166, San Jose, CA 95121 – Vietnamese
  • Bangkok Boulevard -1815 E Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA 95121 – Thai


In Evergreen we have a great place for sushi, and that is at Yuris Restaurant, where you get delicious Japanese food and sushi, located at White Rd in the Lucky’s Supermarket.

Then, whenever I am craving Chinese food I go to Golden Buddha which is located on the corner of  Aborn Road and San Felipe.  This is a place to take the whole family and really have a feast. We have done that many times, and the service is excellent. The Evergreen Real Estate Marketing Group also had a Christmas luncheon there one year. It is also very affordable.

Being that I do love Mexican food, I always stop at Govea’s Restaurant. They have been here in Evergreen since 1989. This is the place where everyone knows your name, and they serve us immediately. Good service and wonderful food. My grandson’s favorite dish is a big quesadilla, with rice and beans, and a tamale. He is a bottomless pit, since he can eat it all by himself.

I have recently discovered a wonderful Thai restaurant that is “Pookie Good”, name of the place is Bangkok Boulevard, located on Capitol Expressway and Aborn Rd.

Lastly, if you come to Evergreen you must stop at Pho Tau Bay Noodle House for the wonderful Vietnamese food. Let me tell you the Grilled Pork with Vermicelli is my favorite. It is to die for, you just have to try it! You will want more but you will be so full you end up having to take some home.

The prices at all these places are so very reasonable.

So we have several fast food places as well, which tells you that you will never go hungry in here Evergreen!