Working with preferred vendors and affiliates

To me, working with anyone that I know more than an acquaintance in the community, is who I prefer to give my business to. Another criteria is that they are Women’s Council of REALTORS members.

For example, Heather Twardus, she is a title rep for Old Republic Title Company. I met her back in 2012 at a few WCR programs. It wasn’t until 2013, that I actually saw her as a title rep. I always enjoyed running into her at marketing meetings, lunch meetings, and socials, but I never thought to have her become one of my vendors. But once I did, I am soooo happy I did!!

There is nothing more cool than being able to take care of files while a marketing meeting or thru a text because of that established relationship. This afternoon, an escrow I opened with her office is about to close and I wanted to send SOLD postcards to the community. I asked her for the database of that complex and she dropped off labels and sent me an excel file that I can send to a printer to do my mailings. Oh, she also gave me contact info for a couple of printers to check out.

Also, she got me set up on What a great and useful tool that website offers!

28th Annual Breakfast in the Park – Evergreen Marketing Group

This morning was the 28th breakfast in the park over at Hellyer Park, hosted by the Evergreen East Valley Marketing Group.



The group is composed of real estate related professionals that meet weekly on Tuesdays at 8:30am at MegaByte Pizza in the Silver Canyon Plaza. Professionals include Realtors, Lenders, Title and Escrow, Property Inspectors, Termite Inspectors, Real Estate Attorneys, Natural Hazard Disclosure, Home Warranty, Carpet Installation, and the list goes on.

This morning, Santa Clara County Supervisor, Dave Cortese addressed the group stating that even if citizens are not able to get a response from the San Jose Police Department, call his office and they will get a sheriff to respond or will help facilitate getting SJPD to assist.

Below is the group’s dedicated (volunteer) Board of Directors with Dave:


The breakfast was a hearty plate of scrambled eggs with ham, sausage, potatoes, chorizo, coffee and juices.

Here is Linda June (Insurance Agent that works here in Evergreen) part of the set up and cooking committee:

Linda Castillo - Evergreen Insurance Agent

More of the cooking committee (huge thanks for the shopping, cooking and clean up!):


Selfie and the cooking committee:


Raffle prizes donated by affiliates and supporters. Grand prize being a $200 gift certificate to the Fairmont. Also was the coveted Realtor tool box and the handmade stool by Frank Crane:


Lucky winners of the raffle prizes:



The group meets Tuesdays here at MegaByte from 8:30-9:30am. Admission is $3 for SCCAOR (Santa Clara County of Association of Realtor) members and $20 for guests.



“BBH” = Bun Bo Hue San Jose

Having lived in the community of Evergreen in San Jose, Ca, since 1980, I did not know of this place until 2012 with the suggestion of one of my favorite client-friends. This spot is in the same shopping center with the Target and Chevron gas station on the corner Silver Creek and Capital Expressway.

Bun Bo Hue – Evergreen, San Jose, Ca.

When you first visit for the first time, you might get overwhelmed with the menu board above the cash register offering sandwiches and favorite vietnamese cold drinks. There is another menu which has their Bun and bowls of Pho. My favorite order is #47, it is the vermicelli bowl with grilled pork, shrimp, and egg rolls.

Bun Bo Hue in Evergreen, San Jose, Ca

Menu Board

We usually sit at table #4 which is just across of the corner window. The service is pretty quick and prompt. Once in a while we will order an iced coffee or one of the other cold drinks.



From this map below you can see that the Evergreen real estate neighborhood right behind this shopping center butts up to 101.



Evergreen Village – Wine and Art Stroll

Tonight I ventured out to the Evergreen Village square to check out the Wine, Music, Art summer series.

They were doing a pretty good job advertising on social media (Facebook). I got there around 6:15 pm. I parked in front of the new Evergreen Townhomes off Ruby right in front of Walgreens. I will have to find out how much they went for.


Edit: (added on 14June2014)

I did a market search of the real estate in this Evergreen neighborhood  within a one quarter mile radius of the square of sales in the last 7 months. Came up with these numbers which is a mix of  only one single family home that sold and several  town homes. Average price for a townhouse sold was $836,650 and the single family home closed at $1.350M.

**Be sure to click the jpeg to see the full summary of market comparables**

Evergreen Village Real Estate


The sun was setting just as I reached the square. Chairs and blankets were already put out and the band “The Hum” was setting up.

IMG_1891 IMG_1920

The Evergreen Valley High School Volleyball team was having a fundraiser so I bought a water and one of the wine glasses to do a little wine tasting.

IMG_1909 IMG_1907


There was a cute mobile boutique store that I checked out. I saw lots of cute things, hair accessories, jewelry and bags/purses.


IMG_1906 IMG_1903 IMG_1902


After a little bit of strolling around and some wine tasting, I sat out in front of Las Catrinas then decided to have their fish tacos. Pretty yummy!


IMG_1914 IMG_1916 IMG_1918


The next one is in two weeks on the 27th of June, I am definitely coming and bringing my lawn chair!


Video montage of my evening: